Risk Advisory
Risk Advisory

Risk Advisory – Consulting and Technology

In even the best-run companies, there’s often a gap between accounting and IT. Despite best efforts, many critical technology initiatives don’t meet baseline goals or end in outright failure.

At Blythe Global Advisors, we have the expertise and experience to fill the gap between accounting and IT to help companies mitigate communications and technology issues and maximize investments. We have a proven track record of working across departments within organizations to connect solutions to companies’ cross strategies, business units, technical infrastructures and cultures while minimizing disruptions. We’re mindful of the concerns of those who occupy the C-suites, those on the IT floor and those who conduct the audits. We have worked with companies that employ brand applications and with solutions that are both on-premise and hosted.

Our Consulting & Technology services include:

  • System Selection and Implementation: With an eye to your future growth and needs, we provide advice and assistance in the selection and implementation of enterprise resource planning, or ERP, accounting systems to ensure a quick, successful deployment
  • IT General Controls: Our methodology over program changes, logical access, IT operations (segregation of duties, etc.) seeks to achieve a secure, compliant controls environment that doesn’t overburden people or hinder goals.
  • IT Project Management: We provide project management on implementation of new systems and applications and integration and migration of existing data or programs. BlytheTeam members always consider the specific endeavor, overall IT initiatives, contracts and deadlines.
  • Finance Transformation: Because finance and accounting systems need to be fully integrated, optimized and reflective of the organization, we provide the services to support companywide initiatives that transform finance functions and capabilities.
  • Data Analytics: We provide the services to map current systems to connect records – transforming dissimilar, raw data into meaningful measurements that help forecast results more precisely. We also conduct reviews that help organize data into actionable information.
  • Digital Transformation: Our end-to-end approach provides solutions that are flexibly priced, customized to your specific risk concerns and include the hallmarks of every BGA engagement – turnkey implementation, knowledge transfer and measurable results.
Risk Advisory Services - Consulting and Technology

Risk Advisory Services

  • Internal audit: Evaluation of enterprise risk, implementation of an internal audit function, business process reviews, cosourcing, outsourcing, etc.
  • Compliance: Sarbanes-Oxley 404 support, controls rationalization/optimization, staffing, etc.
  • Consulting and technology: IT general controls, IT project management, finance transformation, IPO readiness, data analytics, etc.