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Media and Entertainment

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The media and entertainment industry are consistently undergoing rapid transformations in recent years as consumers and businesses cut the cord and demand more mobility and interactive experiences (not to mention Covid 19 shutting down these industries). The ever-changing times keep pushing businesses in the sector to deliver creative products that are better and faster in an increasingly competitive field.

From casinos and theme parks to videogame makers to media buying platforms and direct-to-consumer marketing, Blythe Global Advisors helps businesses in the media and entertainment industry stay ahead of their competitors. We provide financial strategies that foster growth and unlock innovation through improved processes and digital solutions.

To remain viable, media and entertainment companies must constantly be looking at changing consumer behaviors and responding with new business and revenue models. While there are now so many exciting ways to deliver content and amusement, these opportunities also create challenges for reporting, partnership and joint venture deal-making, privacy and security, and workforce management. BGA helps companies overcome these challenges through spot-on AccountingTaxRisk, Growth Advisory services, and more.

Our media and entertainment industry client include:

Our media and entertainment industry client include:

  • The Trade Desk, Inc.
  • Scopely, Inc.
  • Caesars Entertainment Corporation
  • Money Mailer LLC
  • Palace Entertainment LLC
  • Fuse FX LLC
  • Record Plant, Inc.
  • The MBS Group (MBS Services Holdings LLC)

Blythe Global really separates themselves from the competition. Marc has been phenomenal in finding and attracting the right people. The clients are always excited and happy about the result and the professionalism is always there.

– Steve Rapattoni, Partner-in-Charge, Orange County, Marcum


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