Accounting Advisory
Accounting Advisory

Accounting Advisory

Accounting advisory and financial reporting compliance is a challenge for companies of all sizes – but especially so for small and mid-sized businesses facing audit or stakeholder inquiries. Many companies struggle to produce adequate standardized accounting reports that give a comprehensive picture of their business. An experienced advisor can close the gap between requirements and capabilities.

Blythe Global Advisors provides customized, cost-effective solutions to meet a broad range of needs.

Financial Reporting and Proper Accounting Advisory and Treatment

As your company grows, so does your responsibility to report business results regularly. We transform raw data into standardized financial statements in accordance with accepted accounting regulations. We also determine the proper accounting treatment for complex transactions and identify alternative accounting treatment when appropriate.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Revenue recognition
  • Share-based compensation
  • Mergers and acquisitions/purchase accounting
  • IPOs
  • Restructurings/impairments
  • Consolidations/variable interests
  • Lease accounting
  • Derivatives and complex debt
  • Equity transactions

Audit Readiness, Process Improvements, and Policy Documentation

Financial records must always be ready for review at any time. BGA ensures they are by evaluating your capabilities and recommending improvements to processes and output. We offer internal audits which assess current policies to ensure they incorporate all prescribed accounting principles, recommend new principles, and ensure all policies are properly documented.

Customized Training and Interim Financial Management

As businesses grow, their staff must expand their skill level as processes and policies grow more sophisticated. BGA provides customized staff training that quickly ensures you have the proper support. When interim financial management is needed, we source from our extensive local references, brief the executive on the unique characteristics of the assignment, and monitor results.

Accounting Advisory and Training for Small and Mid-Sized Accounting Firms

Small and mid-sized accounting firms deal with the same level of complexity as the Big Four firms – but often without the same access to resources. Smaller accounting firms need cost-efficient alternatives to stay current and provide sophisticated advice and counsel to clients.

BGA has developed tools and templates specially designed to help smaller accounting firms deliver a higher level of client service. They include:

  • Technical Issue Resolution: Whether you need to resolve a complex technical issue or understand how to apply recently changed accounting principles, we help you determine the proper accounting treatment.
  • Training: We provide customized training, either annually or on demand, to keep your staff and executives up to date on emerging accounting and auditing matters.