Health Science and Healthcare
Health Science and Healthcare

Health Science & Healthcare

Blythe Global Partners is proud to partner with many organizations in Health Science and Healthcare that provide healing to those who are suffering, offer preventive technology to thwart illness, and develop high-tech solutions that support medical professionals on the front lines serving patients.

Our clients include pharmaceutical and technology companies focused on finding treatments for everything from cancer to COVID-19; patient-focused providers including large physician networks and dental practices and software businesses whose products and solutions support operations, billing, and treatment collaboration for healthcare service providers.

The health science and healthcare industries are uniquely situated. The companies within it have become essential, yet the industry as a whole is fraught with challenges. Billing processes and insurance company policies are often complex and confusing for both medical providers and their patients. Pharmaceutical companies face skepticism over pricing models. Privacy concerns are a roadblock to technological advancements in record-keeping, virtual services, and collaboration.

BGA’s vast experience with a myriad of different organizations in the health science and healthcare industries gives us the knowledge to provide expert guidance for efficient and cost-saving financial strategies, processes, and solutions. Our financial management and accounting experts can work with your team on everything from IPO strategies and venture capital investment to GAAP and SEC compliance.

BGA’s Health Science & Healthcare clients include:

  • Alignment Healthcare USA LLC
  • Alliance Healthcare Services, Inc.
  • Apollo Medical Holdings, Inc.
  • Avid Bioservices, Inc.
  • Eisenhower Medical Center, Inc.
  • Elusius Ltd.
  • Envision Healthcare Corporation
  • Envista Holdings Corporation
  • Health Essentials LLC
  • HealthCare Partners (now Optum, Inc.)
  • Herbl LLC
  • Hygiena LLC
  • Johnson & Johnson Services, Inc.
  • Kareo, Inc.
  • Landmark Health LLC
  • Lindora LLC
  • Loudpack, Inc.
  • Loma Linda University Health
  • NantHealth, Inc.
  • NKMax America, Inc.
  • NVision Corporation
  • Parallel and Ceres Acquisition Corp.
  • PatientPop, Inc.
  • Quality Systems, Inc.
  • Second Sight Medical Products, Inc.
  • Smile Brands, Inc.
  • Sonendo, Inc.
  • Spectrum Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
  • Terra Tech Corp.
  • The TriZetto Group, Inc.
  • Titanium Healthcare, Inc.
  • Twist Bioscience Corporation
  • Vantage Oncology LLC
  • Viking Therapeutics, Inc.
  • West Coast Dental Services, Inc.
  • West Dermatology Med Management, Inc.
  • Western Dental Services, Inc.
  • Xifin, Inc.
  • Zogenix, Inc.

I would recommend Blythe Global because of their know-how, their depth of knowledge, the individuals on their team and their connections. It’s not just about business, but it’s about deep, long-term relationships. I think that means a lot.

– Nitai Pathak, Partner, Ernst & Young

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