Risk Advisory
Risk Advisory

Risk Advisory – Compliance

For many companies, compliance creates a drag on goals and results. For companies considering going public, Sarbanes-Oxley 404 requirements, as well as those of regulatory agencies, can be the limiting factor in moving forward with an IPO.

Blythe Global Advisors believes compliance doesn’t have to be a roadblock to success. Instead, we find efficient and cost-effective ways to turn compliance obligations – and all the associated investments toward meeting them – into a strategic asset.

BlytheTeam® applies a 360-degree, enterprise-wide mindset that considers goals, infrastructure and culture, as well as obligations. We’ve developed a cost-efficient approach that connects the dots between SOX 404 requirements, 302 management certifications, audit firms’ needs and audit committee obligations. With minimal disruptions to executive staff and your company – BGA’s approach frees you to attend to your business knowing you’re fully compliant.

Our Compliance Services include:

  • Implementation: For companies implementing their first SOX 404 effort, we offer the full spectrum of SOX 404 services in the context of your enterprise-wide framework – its current state and future goals. This integrated approach broadens every solution into a tool for compliance and an enabler to long-term success.
  • Optimization: An existing SOX 404 program often requires periodic reviews, including rationalization. Our Big Four experience and expertise helps your internal audit organization with streamlining existing SOX 404 framework, optimizing controls and maximizing compliance efficiencies.
  • Cosourcing/outsourcing: We can provide a full-time equivalent professional to carry out your internal audit/SOX 404 responsibilities – a solution that’s especially cost-effective for smaller companies. Our high-caliber personnel are experienced at evaluating risks, identifying gaps, providing recommendations and fulfilling the independent aspects of internal audit/SOX 404 work without any conflict of interest that prevents your audit firm from doing this work.

Risk Advisory Services

  • Internal audit: Evaluation of enterprise risk, implementation of an internal audit function, business process reviews, cosourcing, outsourcing, etc.
  • Compliance: Sarbanes-Oxley 404 support, controls rationalization/optimization, staffing, etc.
  • Consulting and technology: IT general controls, IT project management, finance transformation, IPO readiness, data analytics, etc.