Manufacturing, Construction and Services
Manufacturing, Construction and Services

Manufacturing, Construction & Services

The world changes fast. Businesses in the manufacturing, construction, and services industries must quickly adapt to meet customers’ needs while handling everything from new government reporting regulations to tax laws to an unexpected recession.

Fundamental shifts often include adopting innovative business models to ensure minimal disruption to the supply chain, productivity, and operations.

Blythe Global Advisors helps a variety of businesses in the manufacturing, construction, and services industries, from those that lease equipment to those that construct light rail for growing cities. We help companies realize their potential and navigate not only shifting demands, but also the requirements that govern operations.

BGA monitors and helps businesses respond to disruptive technology trends that impact factories, customer expectations, security issues, and processes. We know that urban sprawl, green building, smart cities, and the Internet of Things bring exciting advancements alongside challenging hurdles. BGA has the skills and experience to address the evolution of key tax, audit, and assurance requirements.

We recognize that the events of 2020/2021, including a global pandemic and the ensuing economic downturn, will impact the manufacturing, construction, and services industries for years to come. BGA helps businesses overcome falling market demand by implementing strategic evaluations of systems, processes, personnel, and supply chains to ensure they accurately reflect a business’ current capabilities and keep them competitive.

BGA is here to help with this transformation. New business models will require an emphasis on technology and innovation, and it will need changes in talent, operations, and processes to meet those needs. We help address key issues, such as GAAP and SEC complianceM&A and private equity, and more.

BGA clients include:

  • Alorica Inc.
  • BakerCorp International, Inc.
  • Cohu, Inc.
  • Covia Holdings Corp.
  • Exemplis LLC
  • Insights Investments LLC
  • Interior Logic Group Holdings
  • Invensys System, Inc.
  • Invista SARL LLC
  • Kinkisharyo International LLC
  • LLC Liquidmetal Technologies, Inc.
  • Mercury Insurance Services LLC
  • Pro-Dex, Inc.
  • Specialized Elevator LLC
  • Triton International Limited
  • Universal Electronics Inc.

I would describe BlytheTeam as high-quality, responsive experts.

– Derek Hoyt, Managing Director, Silicon Valley Bank

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