Aerospace, Transportation & Alternative Energy
Aerospace, Transportation & Alternative Energy

Aerospace, Transportation & Alternative Energy

Our world is getting smarter with sprawling cities transforming mobility as we know it. The aerospace, transportation and alternative energy industries are seeing unprecedented advancements in technology and enhanced environmental regulations. o These factors, combined with how people’s approach to transportation changed during the COVID-19 pandemic, are putting enormous pressure on companies on every level of the design, supply, and sales chain.

Blythe Global Advisors has the accounting and financial experience to assist companies in these sectors to adapt to changing demands. We help businesses, from those who manufacture rockets to automobiles to those who supply software to marketing services, ensure they are making workforce transformations, business deals, and investments that will help them succeed and grow.

While automakers are shifting focus from traditional gas to electric vehicles, they are not alone in following the alternative energy trend. Across the transportation industry, the push for greener energy sources is being embraced for trucks, trains, planes, and even rockets. As space exploration expands, aerospace companies are being called on to create rockets that use less fuel and are powered through alternative energy sources. BGA provides the specialized accounting services and compliance expertise to help clients in these industries succeed and win both private and government long-term contracts, even during times of uncertainty.

Through financial reporting and proper accounting and compliance services, Mergers & Acquisitions oversight, Growth, Tax Advisory, and more. BlytheTeam® helps businesses move forward on the road to success.

BGA’s aerospace, transportation, and alternative energy clients include:

  • Aerovironment, Inc.
  • Aeva, Inc.
  • Autogravity Corporation
  • Autoweb, Inc.
  • Clean Energy Fuels Corp.
  • Cohu, Inc.
  • EVgo Services LLC
  • Faraday & Future, Inc.
  • Fisker, Inc.
  • General Dynamics Corporation
  • Iteris, Inc.
  • Karma Automotive LLC
  • Motorcar Parts of America, Inc.
  • Motorsport Aftermarket Group, Inc.
  • Noble Aerospace LLC
  • Nuvve Corporation
  • Rocket Lab USA, Inc.
  • Solar Max Technology, Inc.
  • Sunpin Solar Development LLC
  • Surf Air, Inc.
  • Terran Orbital Corporation

Marc was our audit partner and provided excellent service to us. He was easy to deal with and provided good advice. He also had strong technical skills and made dealing with new issues easy. I would highly recommend Marc.

– Kevin McDonnell, Aerovironment

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