IPO Advisory
IPO Advisory

IPO Advisory

Initial Public Offerings are often the next logical step for fast-growing companies with solid portfolios. While IPOs increase a company’s value and brand equity, successful IPO execution is a complex and complicated process exacerbated by the need to be ready to move quickly when market conditions optimize.

Even companies that made wise infrastructure investments all along should expect that the IPO process will consume large segments of the business for at least a year. Those already operating to public standards will need skilled resources to complete the extensive documentation required by investment bankers, auditors, and regulators.

Our BlytheTeam® offers customized and cost-effective IPO services:


Whether a business is just beginning to consider an IPO or gearing up for a targeted launch date, BGA keeps the process on course. We help establish priorities, participate in planning meetings, augment accounting functions to keep routine tasks on schedule, and assist in evaluating and negotiating with other service providers.

Documentation, Analysis, and Diligence

Correct documentation is a critical step in the transition from private to public status. We help create a virtual data room to house all relevant documents. We provide document review to check accounting policies and pinpoint potential problems (such as segment disclosures, cheap stock, etc.) that must be addressed to minimize SEC questions during the review process.

Regulatory Statements

Before signing the comfort letter, auditors must verify every number and the supporting backup in all official submissions. As independent consultants, we bridge the gap between the company and the auditing firm in preparing current and historical statements that will pass auditor and regulatory review. We assist in the writing, proofreading, and print management of all SEC documents and participate in satisfying any comeback questions.

Internal Controls

The requirements of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and regulatory agencies are specific and comprehensive regarding internal controls. BGA helps companies implement the right automated infrastructure for compliance, control, and cost-effectiveness during the IPO process and for years to come.

SPAC IPO Services

BGA offers traditional pre-IPO advice to potential SPAC targets, including elevating their capabilities to comply with accounting, financial reporting, securities filings, and exchange requirements. In addition, BGA also offers clients with SPAC merger aspirations a unique service approach that combines historical Quality of Earnings Analysis with forward-looking financial modeling.

Post-IPO Services

Public status comes with a host of regulatory obligations. BGA helps businesses close the books quickly and accurately, prepare quarterly and annual filings, and communicate results clearly. We also provide training to improve staff capability to meet the intense scrutiny that comes with public status.