GAAP & SEC Compliance
GAAP & SEC Compliance

GAAP and SEC Compliance

Staying current with generally accepted accounting principles, as well as the complex requirements of the Securities and Exchange Commission and other regulatory agencies, is difficult for start-ups and established companies alike. Often, there’s a gap between advanced reporting requirements and a company’s ability to comply efficiently, accurately and on time.

Blythe Global Advisors fills that gap with customized, cost-effective solutions that cover a broad range of needs.


An accounting firm’s role is to audit and verify a company’s financial statements – not prepare them. This is true whether you’re filing an initial public offering or a periodic SEC report. BGA helps research, prepare and document filings according to the latest principles and guidance to minimize inefficient post-review rework. This includes ASC 606 “Revenue from Contracts with Customers” Revenue Recognition services or ASC 842 lease accounting.


Correcting mistakes can be time consuming and costly. BGA helps fix them quickly and efficiently. We assist in investigating the error, correcting it according to prescribed accounting principles and preparing all necessary reports. We also advise on processes to avoid recurrences.

SEC Comment Letters

SEC inquiries often focus on the accounting or disclosure of complex transactions. BGA helps research, compose and document responses that adhere to current accounting principles and guidance. BlytheTeam®, consisting of former Big Four partners and financial executives incorporates Big Four expertise without the big cost.

Internal Investigations

Internal investigations require an unbiased perspective and the experience to concentrate inquiries on the right areas. BGA helps research the issues and document all findings. As needed, we recommend processes to correct the current situation and avoid recurrences. We also advise if outside counsel is needed, and make appropriate referrals.

Sarbanes-Oxley 404

Even with standardized processes, conducting a full-scale evaluation of internal controls under Sarbanes-Oxley Section 404 is a challenge for small companies. BGA employs Big Four experience and impartial perspective to conduct an efficient review that maximizes resources and focuses on the key factors that will provide a reasonable assessment of your company’s internal controls. As necessary, we recommend alternatives or process improvements. We also help with the documentation requirements your accounting firm relies on.