BlytheTeam Spotlight: Kevin Pacourek

Kevin Pacourek joined Blythe Global Advisors (BGA) from the beginning when Marc Blythe started the firm in 2010. Kevin is a partner and runs the Transaction Advisory Group. He works with clients on mergers and acquisitions, IPOs and strategic exits, as well as business process outsourcing, project management, public company reporting requirements and sales management.

Kevin and Marc initially met when they were introduced by a friend to head up an IPO readiness seminar. Kevin was the managing director of RR Donnelley and Marc was with Ernst & Young at the time. A few years later, Marc launched BGA and Kevin joined immediately.

Kevin’s 13-year tenure at Donnelly Financial (DFIN), particularly his experience in IPO, M&A transactions and compliance, has provided him with valuable expertise that is highly relevant to his leadership role at BGA. His experience in identifying and resolving issues has translated into strong problem-solving skills that can be effectively applied to the challenges faced by BGA clients. Kevin’s ability to work with struggling business units and restore their performance demonstrated his capacity to navigate complex situations and drive successful outcomes. Additionally, his involvement with Donnelly’s Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) gave him a strong understanding of how to streamline operations and optimize efficiency, which has been leveraged to enhance BGA’s internal processes. Kevin’s previous work experience at RR Donnelly has made him well-equipped to lead the Transaction Advisory Services group at BGA.

The art and the pace of a transaction attracted Kevin to focus on M&A. He “loves a successfully completed deal,” which fulfills his need to finish everything from projects to puzzles. Kevin is devoted to BGA’s clients and enjoys helping public and private companies grow and achieve their objectives. Despite the uncertainty in the financial markets, Kevin notes it’s a “good time to find good deals if you have capital.”

He is the father of three kids (ages 14, 11 and 10) who are active in sports, keeping Kevin and his wife very busy, especially on weekends. When he isn’t cheering on the kids, Kevin enjoys traveling. While he fondly remembers a recent “landmark” birthday trip to Cabo, these days the family travels together. They recently took a ski trip to Tahoe, and despite a stressful drive down the mountain due to the unprecedented snowfall, they all had a wonderful time.

Looking forward, Kevin will focus on getting his kids off to college in a few years. He also looks forward to helping BGA continue to grow into new markets and service lines and completing many more transactions.