Helping Clients Resolve Integration and Debt Financing Challenges

Since joining Blythe Global Advisors earlier this year to lead our expanded Risk Advisory Services practice, Sal Sarabosing has been leveraging his unique experience in both accounting-specific and enterprisewide IT systems integration to help clients take advantage of post-M&A economies of scale and demonstrate quick evidence of the soundness of their strategy. Here are two brief examples:

  • For a post-M&A multibillion dollar international lessor of commercial freight equipment: The acquirer’s and target’s respective IT functions each used different ERP and accounting subsystems and were located on the East and West Coasts. Acting as project manager, Sal helped accelerate the integration of both companies’ enterprisewide systems. The successful implementation went live organizationally – not piecemeal – on time, enabling the company to reap cost savings early in their post-M&A cycle.
  • For a PE-backed company that owned several standalone businesses: In this case, the standalone businesses were performing month- and year-end closes in Excel. Working across different countries, time zones, cultures and currencies, Sal helped accelerate the transition to automated processes by mapping all systems to one place. The parent company can now view combined financial results on a single dashboard – enabling them and their PE investor to understand the real-time effects of their acquisition strategy.

On another front, the addition of J. Todd Brumley and his company, Senior Debt, Inc., to the BGA team in 2016 has enabled us to offer an excellent resource to clients and companies in need of any type of senior debt financing. Leveraging his 37 years’ experience in lending, borrowing and arranging all types of capital, Todd combines skillful analytics, intuitive understanding, and a thorough and contemporary knowledge of the lending community to match borrowers to the best possible lenders. Here are two brief examples:

  • For a nascent $80 million reseller of refurbished computer equipment: With the company having reached its bank’s lending limit, the owner was preparing to conduct a dilutive $1.5 million equity raise. As an alternative to giving up ownership, Todd brought in an asset-based lender to deliver a $10 million facility for the company – taking out the existing bank’s $6 million and providing an additional $4 million in working capital at a lesser interest rate and with better terms.
  • For a multilocation ophthalmologic clinical group: With a spider web of partnership entities making up the ownership of a rapidly growing and acquisitive ophthalmologic group, Todd procured a streamlining master equipment lease line of credit in the amount of $1.5 million per year for up to three years.

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