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Venture Capital Services

Executing a successful capital transaction is a complex process with the bar typically set to public-company standards. Once completed, the share that venture capital (VC) investors receive often enables them to exert significant control over the startup’s decisions, practices and policies – challenging the company to implement mature, bullet-proof financial and business processes almost overnight.

At Blythe Global Advisors, we have the expertise and resources to help companies design and execute world-class financial processes at every phase of the company’s lifecycle. We also have a broad portfolio of customizable services that we offer with flexible pricing. Our closed-loop service delivery process is collaborative, geared to long-term relationships and covers the entire engagement cycle.

If you’re a fast-growing business seeking funding, our experienced finance and accounting executives can help spearhead your capital journey. From pre- to post-transaction, our full suite of non-audit services can help convey a company’s true value and facilitate a speedy, successful close of deal. Services include:

  • Implementation of finance and accounting infrastructure or augmentation of current competencies.
  • Audit readiness including memoranda preparation and other pro forma document assistance.
  • Review, evaluation and organization of financial and accounting records for compliance.
  • Analysis, selection and documentation of accounting policies and procedures related to complex revenue arrangements, equity structures and share-based compensation arrangements.
  • Assessment and implementation of internal controls and risk assessment.
  • Advice and assistance in the implementation of ERP accounting systems to ensure a quick, successful deployment.
  • Assistance in the development and maintenance of compliant monthly/quarterly/annual internal and external reports.
  • Part-time and interim professional services (CFO, controller, financial reporting director/manager).

When the time comes to undertake a subsequent transaction, BlytheTeam® is ready with end-to-end services to help ensure a successful result on time and on budget.

  • M&A services include accounting function readiness, due diligence, deal structure analysis, integration planning and implementation, accounting implications, and quality of earnings assessment.
  • IPO services include readiness; documentation, analysis and diligence; regulatory statements; internal controls; and post-transaction reporting obligations.