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BlytheTeam® is an alliance of former Big Four partners/executives, current industry entrepreneurs, and former corporate finance and accounting senior executives and professionals, the majority of whom are CPAs. These experts bring an unbiased perspective, seasoned leadership, real-world experience and turnkey execution to every engagement.

  • Expert advice to fill the gap between complex reporting requirements and clients’ ability to prepare successfully for audits and make investment decisions with confidence.
  • Industry expertise combined with a full suite of customized solutions that allows clients to convey their companies’ true value to internal and external audiences.
  • Leadership in leveraging best practices and communicating the implications of evolving directives and legislation.
  • Knowledge transfer via education, process improvements, information repositories, etc. to help companies meet expanding requirements and upgrade staff competency.

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Blythe Global Advisors has three offices from which our team serves U.S. and international clients. We also have an alliance with a select group of finance and consulting firms spread across the U.S. through our membership in FINACA. While the first line of service to clients is always our BlytheTeam experts, this alliance enables us to leverage additional expertise or local resources when needed. See our alliance companies here. To learn more about FINACA, click on the icon below.


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