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World-Class Service Delivery Process

Blythe Global Advisors is a full-service accounting advisory firm – with a difference.

diagram service process cycle

Our credentials: Blythe Global Advisors has a proven track record of helping companies – from startups to brand-name enterprises, U.S.-based and international – meet their reporting requirements. Our extensive Big Four background has enabled clients to prepare successfully for audits, upgrade the human and technical competency of their finance and accounting infrastructures, and make investment decisions with confidence. Our industry expertise combined with our full suite of customizable solutions has allowed clients to convey their companies’ true value to internal and external audiences.

The BGA difference: Our service to hundreds of clients makes us experts in applying best practices in an enterprise-wide, forward-looking manner for the best return on clients’ investments. Through carefully developed associations, we have access to leading-edge IT resources beyond the normal portfolio of accounting consulting companies that makes it possible for clients to optimize their people, processes and systems. We also have access to world-class and proprietary information repositories consisting of technical accounting white papers, finance-related process improvements and other state-of-the-art templates that help companies exploit improvement opportunities.

Our closed-loop process is collaborative, geared to long-term, value-add relationships and covers the entire engagement cycle.


  • We work with you to develop expectations.
  • Objectives, activities, costs, timeframes, deliverables (if any), personnel, etc. are documented before work begins.



  • We work with you to establish benchmarks.
  • Our measurement processes enable the highest productivity, the least ambiguity and decisions based on objective information.



diagram service process cycle



  • We submit regular project updates.
  • We assess your current competency and recommend ways to improve your business.


  • We offer end-to-end, customized solutions and services.
  • We leverage technology such as project management tools, GRC, etc.
  • Our work is based on the sound and secure application of rules and regulations that can withstand intense scrutiny.



  • We provide day-to-day management. The BlytheTeamSM network of finance and accounting executives is hands-on – directing all aspects of every project.
  • We work as a team to bring in talent just in time and just as needed on a project.