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Growth Advisory Services

Whether a business is a successful startup or in a hyper-growth phase or an established organization, it will need outside help at some point – whether to build out infrastructure; upgrade competencies; attract and retain talent; go public; enact a sale, merger or acquisition; etc. Any company that has faced these hurdles knows that a successful transition to the next level requires expertise and capacity not always resident inside the organization – experts who know what’s required, how to do it most efficiently and have the resources to get it done. In addition, for most companies starting, emerging or making quantum leaps, it’s a well-known fact that the availability and cost of capital needed to fund such growth is limited, expensive and often dilutive.

Growth Advisory Services

When you need a trusted advisor
to navigate a capital infusion,
call us.

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With our Growth Advisory Services, we apply our deep BlytheTeam® experience across the Big Four, financial, corporate and entrepreneurial worlds to help companies grow and be better positioned to reach their strategic goals. We also help companies find the correct financing for whatever the point in their growth and then help them use that money as wisely and profitably as possible.

With regard to helping companies grow and reach strategic goals, we leverage our broad and deep experience across diverse industries and diverse environments to advise on areas of improvement aligned to priorities. Our aim is always to add sustaining value by leaving behind a footprint that includes knowledge transfer, implementation of best practices, and infrastructure and process improvements that anticipate and can support growth.

In terms of capital raising, we apply our deep experience in lending and borrowing to help you find the right financing for whatever the stage in your company’s growth – whether that stage is an exciting expansion or a stopgap against loss of equity. We act on your behalf as your advocate – not on behalf of any lenders – to obtain loans that reflect your individual circumstances and financial dynamic. We support funding needs up to $25 million.

And because we understand how pivotal a capital infusion is to your company, our services extend beyond debt formation. From infrastructure improvements to skills enhancements to professional services, we will act as your trusted business advisor to recommend the best providers for any given need – whether BGA or another firm.

We deliver consistently high results through BlytheTeam®, our alliance of former Big Four partners/executives, current industry entrepreneurs, and former corporate finance and accounting senior executives/professionals. Together, this team has extensive experience working on both the public accounting side as audit partners and on the corporate side as senior executives and managers. Our clients can attest that we hit the ground running and that we always leave companies better positioned to achieve their strategic objectives.

Our Growth Advisory Services cover the following:

  • Accounting competency assessment and recommendations (systems, processes, personnel)
  • Audit preparation – U.S. GAAP and SEC compliance
  • IPO readiness
  • M&A assistance
  • Interim accounting assistance
  • Debt consulting includes:
    • ABL lines of credit
    • Working capital lines of credit
    • SBA loans
    • Bridge loans
    • Cash flow/term loans
    • Equipment leasing/loans/lines
    • Real estate loans
    • Assistance with subdebt and mezzanine placement; forecasting, budgeting and projecting; and forensic accounting in preparation of funding.

Our services include the hallmarks of every BGA engagement – turnkey implementation, knowledge transfer and measurable results.