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Customer Testimonial

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“After Triton completed a reverse merger with TAL International, it quickly became evident that we needed a higher level of technical accounting skills to produce audit-ready reports. Blythe Global provided the complex technical accounting expertise we needed – and more. When the engagement required coordination of audit teams in CA and NY, Blythe Global provided outstanding project management. And when we needed enterprisewide systems integration expertise to coordinate two different systems on two coasts, Blythe stepped up again. Their systems integration/project management expertise enabled us to bring the two companies together – accounting, operations, etc. – on time and in a single, companywide deployment. As with any first-time engagement, there were bumps in the road – general familiarity, evolving requirements, different locations and time zones. But, together, we were able to resolve any issues quickly. In the end, we’d recommend Blythe Global Advisors. They’re an experienced team who “get it” in the first conversation.”

John Burns, Sr. Vice President and CFO
Tony Hung, Vice President – IT, Audit, Risk Management


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