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Some Multi-Discipline Case Studies At-A-Glance

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Company Snapshot: $200 million media services company acquired by a large international private equity firm.

Disciplines: Mergers and Acquisitions, GAAP and SEC Compliance, Internal Audit, Customized Training

Carved out of a large U.S. company via a debt transaction, the new entity was challenged almost immediately on two fronts: First, to prepare reports similar to that of a public company to satisfy the requirements of the debt holders. And second, to prepare monthly financial information in accordance with IFRS to satisfy the requirements of the foreign PE firm. Having no significant in-house financial or accounting expertise, the company hired Blythe Global Advisors to ensure they met all reporting requirements. When the company quickly acquired a competitor, Blythe Global provided post-acquisition services including business integration implementation to help get all parties off to a quick start. As part of the company’s focus on operating to public-company standards, Blythe Global helped implement SOX-compliant internal controls and documentation processes. To assist the company in building a strong internal financial and accounting infrastructure, Blythe Global provided customized training, including templates and schedules, that have helped ensure the company meets future reporting requirements accurately, efficiently and on time.


Company Snapshot: $100 million online leader in automobile research and marketing.

Disciplines: Mergers and Acquisitions, Internal Audit

This company was a long-time Blythe Global Advisors client. When they asked Blythe Global to help with the acquisition of several smaller businesses that had never been audited, Blythe Global leveraged their extensive knowledge of the client company to help evaluate the transaction from a financial and accounting perspective and to provide added value at every step in the process from pre-acquisition to post-integration. For the target acquisitions, Blythe Global helped prepare financial statements, schedules and footnotes as well as other pro forma SEC information and generally supported all parties through the audit process. In addition to assisting in the integration of all financial information and processes into the client company’s systems, Blythe Global helped upgrade the client company’s internal audit controls, including implementation of the new COSO model. As a result, the expanded company is on secure footing to maintain SOX compliance.


Company Snapshot: Leading-edge virtual reality start-up acquired for $2 billion.

Disciplines: End-to-End Accounting Advice, Assessment and Process Improvements; Mergers and Acquisitions

Founded only two years ago and without any executive financial leadership, this innovative startup hired Blythe Global Advisors to assume controller activities for both its maiden reporting requirements and its acquisition. With its first audit imminent, Blythe Global helped transform raw data into standardized, compliant financial statements and identified proper accounting treatments of all transactions. To give the company a solid foundation for future reporting, Blythe Global evaluated the company’s capabilities, recommended process improvements and provided customized training to new and legacy staff. Before, during and after the acquisition process, Blythe Global provided a full gamut of services that presented a comprehensive picture of the business and helped ensure a successful transaction.


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