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May 1, 2020

Blythe Announces deMontesquiou Promotion to Accounting Advisory Services Partner

It’s my great pleasure to announce that Blythe Global Advisors (BGA) has promoted Matthew deMontesquiou to Partner in charge of Accounting Advisory Services. He has been with BGA for over six years and is an exceptional addition to our leadership team. Matt brings a unique perspective to the Accounting Advisory Services Group due to the fact that he’s spent significant time working in the three major facets of the accounting world:

  • Public accounting
  • Leadership roles at companies in internal audit and as a director of finance
  • Consulting experience with public and private companies


Matthew DeMontesquiou

Matthew DeMontesquiou has more than 16 years’ experience in the finance and accounting industry with an emphasis on advisory services. Prior to joining BGA, Matt was a Director of Finance for a SAAS-based company in Orange County. Before that, Matt was the Director of Internal Audit for Western Dental, one of the largest dental practices in America. Matt began his career at CBIZ/MHM where he ran multiple audit engagement for clients in a variety of industry groups, including; healthcare, technology, retail, real estate and health sciences.

Please join me in congratulating Matt on his promotion to Partner.


BGA Accounting Advisory Services include the following:

  • Audit Readiness: Revenue recognition, share-based compensation, mergers and acquisitions/purchase accounting, deferred tax provisions, IPOs, restructurings/impairments, consolidations/variable interests, lease accounting, derivatives, and complex debt and equity transactions
  • Revenue Recognition Services: Navigating ASC 606
  • Lease Accounting Services: Navigating ASC 842
  • Tax Consulting: Deferred tax provisions and general tax consulting on technical items


To speak with Matt about our Accounting Advisory Services
email matthew.demontesquiou@blytheteam.com
or call 949-315-0834.

To learn more about Blythe Global Advisors and the BlytheTeam®,
visit blytheglobal.com or call 949-757-4180.


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