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End-To-End Accounting Advice, Assessment and Process Improvements

Financial reporting compliance is an escalating challenge for companies of all sizes – but especially so for small and mid-sized companies facing their first audit or the inquiries of increasingly diverse stakeholders. Many companies lack the infrastructure and skills to produce standardized reports that adhere to prescribed accounting principles and present a comprehensive picture of the business. The situation calls for an experienced advisor to close the gap between requirements and capabilities.

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Our customized solutions are cost-effective and cover a broad range of your needs.

  • Financial Reporting and Proper Accounting Treatment: As your company grows so does your responsibility to report business results on a regular basis. We help transform your raw data into standardized financial statements in accordance with accepted accounting regulations. We also help you determine the proper accounting treatment for your increasingly complex transactions and identify alternative accounting treatment as appropriate. 

    Our areas of expertise include revenue recognition, share-based compensation, mergers and acquisitions/purchase accounting, IPOs, restructurings/impairments, consolidations/variable interests, lease accounting, derivatives and complex debt, and equity transactions.

  • Audit Readiness, Process Improvements and Policy Documentation: As audits become a way of life, you need to ensure your records are always ready for review. We help you do just that. We evaluate your capabilities and recommend improvements to processes and output. We assess current policies to ensure they incorporate all prescribed accounting principles, recommend the adoption of new principles where appropriate and ensure all policies are properly documented.
  • Customized Training and Interim Financial Management: As your processes and policies become more sophisticated, you need a more skilled staff. We provide customized training that gets your staff up to speed quickly. When interim financial management is needed, we source from our extensive local references, brief the executive on the unique characteristics of the assignment and monitor results.